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Valdemar Erlingsson

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Presentations & articles

Experimental code

My Gist pages at Github contain several coding examples and articles

Javascript Coding Standard

My (emerging) Javascript coding standard and best practices document. Work in progress.

The Dark Side of C#

A demonstration of lesser known features of C# and .NET

10 Javascript examples to help you learn

Examples showcasing features and flaws of Javascript.

Side Projects

Sharp Sound Device

VST Plugin Collection built with C# and .NET


Art From Mathematics.

Just Play Chess (beta)

The easiest way to play a game of chess with a friend.

Phong HTML Game

Pong clone written in HTML5/Javascript/Canvas.


Electronic Drum Module based on a PIC18F microcontroller with control software for Windows.

Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life, written in Javascript.


HTML5 / Javascript / Canvas graphics demo.


HTML5 / Javascript / Canvas graphics demo.

My software design principles

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